Energy Saving LED Display

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led display screen is more and more popular,especially outdoor led display widely used for outdoor advertising with large led screen size, large size means high power consumption , a dozens of square meters led video wall usually reach tens of kilowatts, with numbers of led display screen increasing, energy issue is becoming more and more important for led display industry all over the world So how to make a lower power consumption Energy Saving led display becomes an important subject in LED display design.

low-cost LED Driver IC
A truly energy-efficient led sign, not just improvment of led screen hardware and led control software technology, but aslo the overall program on the results of led display screen innovation. For example, Outdoor P16mm 1R1G1B LED Display aim at reducing the cost of electric power, and the energy-saving efficiency reached more than 50%.
Energy Saving LED display Cabinet

Energy Saving LED Display Features:

High Brighntess LED Low Voltage: Reliable LED Chips with Low Voltage but High Brightness to 7000-7500 Nits. Low working Voltage: To reduce electromagnetic interference ;Adopt double circuit 2.8V & 3.8V for Modules and Control system.
Unique PCB and Driving IC Design: adopt MBI5035 energy saving Driving IC,VDS=0.2V To reduce the LED Driving Circuit Voltage.
Low conservation LED screen

How to caculate the consumption and compare with traditional led display ?

Calculate as 50sqm led screen( Daily working time 10h,1KW = USD 0.2)

Traditional P16mm Outdoor LED Display:
Average 0.28KW/sqm
Electricity Cost 1 year:= $0.2x 0.28(Kw/m2) x 50(sqm) x 10(hours/day) x 365(days/year = $10,220

Low-cost P16mm Outdoor LED Display:
Average: 0.12KW/sqm
Electricity cost 1 year:= $0.2x 0.12(Kw/m2) x 50(sqm) x 10(hours/day) x 365(days/year)= $4,380

The Result: Saving $10,220-4380=$5,840 annually on electricity cost for 50sqm LED Display Screen.

Now more and more led display customers prefer to purchasing low consumption led display Panel for their outdoor advertising applications:
low consumption led display case

Linsn LED is a leading energy-efficientt LED display manufacturer in China with over 12 year experience, please contact us to make a transparent LED screen for you projcets.